It all began with a prayer list I carried in my Bible bearing the names of my friends . . . 

As I prayed for my friends week by week, the idea of putting some hope into their lives through a brief, encouraging note grew more appealing.  Texts, emails, video and audio versions of GraceNotes began developing--all with the goal of sharing with others the joy and liberation I had personally experienced when my own life was renewed by the grace of Jesus.

Today, GraceNotes move around the world every week via social media, repostings to websites, and even in translation.  Friends share them as expressions of their own faith in the renewing power of grace, and as symbols of hope in a world too often headlined by fear and anger.

Take the opportunity to share a favorite GraceNote from this page with someone you're praying for, or someone who simply needs to hear the good news of God's unfailing love.





Bill Knott

Editor/Executive Publisher

Adventist Review/Adventist World magazines